Our Company

Who We Are and How We've Evolved

Randy Halsne started in the construction / development field over thirty years ago and has built and developed condominiums, apartments, and commercial properties in many areas of Southern California. Over the years (when he had extra time) he invested, in a small way, in foreclosures, spec houses, REO's, etc.

About 12 years ago, as he was watching his company's 401K stock decline, and with retirement age quickly approaching, he came to the conclusion that some changes were needed. He began to aggressively invest in real estate as a way to meet his retirement goals. With his background as an apartment/ condo builder, he saw investing in apartments as the best way to start. The company began with 8 units in Mesa, Arizona. After researching and watching the market of the Phoenix metro for over a year, the company then added three single-family homes in that area.  

Through this experience, he discovered some key advantages to the ownership of single-family residences over apartments. While the apartment investment required a lot of maintenance and hands-on management, with a high turnover rate, he found that SRFs (single-family residences) proved to be much easier to rent to reliable, stable tenants and resulted in less headaches overall. From that point on, he began and has continued to actively search the nation for the best areas to buy single-family residencies.

After researching the country's many real estate markets, we decided to base our business in the Oklahoma City metro area, because of the stable market and the great rent-to-mortgage ratio for investors. The area boasts a diverse, stable economic base, from medical to military, with sought-after school systems and safe neighborhoods. Since then, Randy has built a thriving  real estate / investment / propertiy management business that continues to grow and expand by offering excellent service, the expertise of a full service real estate company, and a well-trained, knowledgeable staff to meet our clients needs. He also continues his research to locate other up-and-coming markets in the US for future investments.

Randy is a member of the National Board of Realtors and the National Association of Rental Prpoerty Managers, where he has served as the E-Chapter Facilitator, helping other property managers around the country to build effective, service-oriented companies.