The Price is Right (Part 2)

Piggybacking on our last blog, here are five more tips to help you price your Edmond, Oklahoma home right for your market:

  1. Beware Real Estate agents who promise they can get you the highest price.  All too often those are agents desperate for business who will tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear just to get your listing.
  2. Dismiss pricing irrelevancies.  How much you paid for your home ten years ago, how much you think you need out of the sale of the home, and the many great memories of family holidays together while you lived in your home have nothing to do with how much your home is worth today.
  3. Do not over price.  You will end up significantly delaying your home sale and eventually reducing your price to reflect current market conditions anyway.  Plus, home buyers will now wonder what’s wrong with the property since it has been for sale for so long and will adjust any potential offers downward even further.
  4. Do not under price, expecting to facilitate a bidding war for your home.
  5. Chose a proven, trustworthy Realtor to work with.  Speak to family, friends, and neighbors.  Get referrals to agents they have had successful results with.  Interview agents with the plan to get to know their business philosophy, communication style, and experience.  Here’s a great list of interview questions you can use.

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