Top 16 “Quick Picks” for Adding Value to Your Home (Part 1)

There are lots of home improvement projects for all our Edmond, Oklahoma DIYers that add both functional value to your home today and resale value down the road.  To spark your creative homemaking, here’s part 1 of our 2 part “Quick Picks” list of the top 16 home improvement projects that add value to your home courtesy of our friends at HGTV.

  1. Home office remodel.  More and more folks are working at home.  Make your home work space more appealing to potential home buyers.
  2. Add a sun room (and in-turn add attractive, usable square footage).
  3. Renovate your master suite with an open, cozy feel.  Be sure to include some killer closet space.
  4. Family room.  Take a slice of your open floor plan and turn it into additional, inviting family space.
  5. Spruce up the yard.  Make the back yard an entertainment destination at your home by adding luscious plants, seating and maybe even a water feature.
  6. Kitchen remodel.
  7. Make sure any additions blend with the original house design.
  8. New windows help save on energy bills AND let buyers know that you have taken care of the home.

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