Summer Moving Tips (Part 1)

The last four months may or may not have posed some seasonal issues for folks packing up and relocating.  Now summer’s practically here and some of you are contemplating making a move to a new Edmond, Oklahoma home, and June, July, and August moves, however, tend to have their own set of unique challenges for a family including heat, dehydration, and overall planning.  Never fear!  Submitted for your review is the first part of our list of top summer moving tips.

  1. Decide if you’re going to do it yourself or hire a moving company.  Depending on your budget and motivation you may consider hiring a company to take care of all or part of the move for you.  If you’re hiring, get estimates and compare them to make sure you’re getting the service level you really need at a fair price.  You may decide you’re going to pack everything yourself but hire a company only to load the truck, drive your belongings to your new home, and unload the truck.  If you’re doing the job or any part of the move yourself make sure to have plenty of refreshments, including water and sports drinks for both your volunteer helpers and the hired hands.
  2. Start packing early.  This is especially important if moving day is in the middle of the summer heat.  Starting the packing job early accomplishes many things.  First, the more work you get done while the weather is milder decreases the amount of work you’ll have to do when the thermometer is reaching for the sky.  Packing early also helps to de-clutter your current home, which is a great boon especially if you don’t yet have a buyer lined up for it.  This leads us too…
  3. De-clutter.  This one is important.  Since you’re starting to pack well ahead of moving day, why not take the time to get rid of any of those old belongings you’ve been meaning deal with for so long.  Moving is the great opportunity to have a garage sale or donate useful items to charity.  There really is no sense moving all that clutter from one home to the next.  And if there’s anything whose usefulness is long past try to recycle it.  As a last resort, if it won’t recycle escort it to the trash.  Don’t take it to your new home!