Summer Moving Tips (Part 3)

This is our final installment of summer moving tips.  Check out this list for more information on making your summer move as painless and stress-free as possible.  Here we go…

  1. Children.  If summer heat is difficult on adults working outside while moving into their new Edmond, Oklahoma home, think about how it affects children.  Best advice, especially for younger children is to set up a babysitter to take care of your toddlers during moving day.  This way they won’t be underfoot among a forest of adults, and are less likely to be stepped on or to suffer adversely with the summer temps.  If babysitting is not an option, why not set up a safe play area in one of the bedrooms for children to stay put and keep themselves occupied?  How about assigning one of the older children to be the playroom monitor just to keep an eye on the others while adults get down to the business of loading and unloading the moving truck?
  2. Pets.  Summer heat is hard on our domestic pets too, but unlike children, they can’t tell us necessarily when something’s wrong.  Do you have a pet-sitter option available for moving day?  Is there a safe, cool place for Rover and Felix to be so they’re not in the way on moving day?  The last thing you want is for one of your animals to get loose outside at your new home before they become acclimated to their new surroundings and neighborhood.  No pet-sitter options available?  Just like with children you can set up one safe-zone room for your pets, or even cage them if necessary.  And lastly, with children and pets, make sure they have plenty of water, snacks, and potty breaks.
  3. Take pictures of all your electronic device wiring hookups BEFORE you unhook them prior to your move.  Make it easy for yourself when setting up shop in your new home.  DVD players, flat screen TVs, stereo systems, video gaming consoles, etc. can become their own little nightmare at the end of a long day of laboring with furniture and heavy boxes.  The last thing you want to do when you just want to sit down and turn on the tube is to struggle getting everything wired and working correctly.  Take a few quick snapshots of your wiring beforehand and setup at the end of your move will be a snap.

Summer Moving Tips (Part 2)

Here’s our next installment of summer moving tips:

  1. Transfer Utilities.  The last thing you want during a hot summer moving day is for the electricity to be turned off when you arrive at your new home.  Communicate with all utility companies to be sure everything is turned on at your new Edmond, Oklahoma home prior to move in day, and that everything will be shut off and accounts closed at the old home after you move out.  Shutting the utilities off too soon at the old home while you’re still loading the moving truck will make you just as cranky as not being able to turn on the air conditioner when you arrive at your destination to unload.
  2. Communicate your new address.  Email your new street/mailing address to everyone who may need it including family, friends, the office, and venders and service providers.  Drop off a change of address notice at your local post office to make sure you don’t miss any important correspondence or bills.  Any transitory mail will now be forwarded to your new location.  And finally, keep an eye out for mail labeled by the post office as having been forwarded, then communicate your new address to the sender so your next bill, letter, or magazine will come to you direct.
  3. Consider moving insurance to cover full value of your belongings.  This is not as much a summer moving tip as it is pertinent to all seasons and every family’s relocation.  Other insurance covering 60% of value will not replace some of your property that is more likely to be damaged in transit like large flat-screen televisions.  Evaluate your need for insurance and move in peace.