4 Quick Tips for Showing Your Home in the Summer

  1. 72°.  Keep the interior temperature of your home pleasant during the dog days of summer.  Homes that are too hot (or too cold, for that matter) make potential Edmond, Oklahoma home buyers uncomfortable, inevitably shortening their visit.
  2. Mitigate odors.  Summer heat can magnify animal odors inside the house as well as in the back yard.  Clean and deodorize interior surfaces and carpets, and if Fido uses the back yard as a rest room be sure to clean up doggie piles frequently.  Garbage cans normally kept in the garage or outside next to the house should be moved well away from any potential visitor foot traffic.
  3. Keep your lawn manicured.  Curb appeal is everything, and if your lawn is overgrown or has unsightly brown spots you may be chasing buyers away before they ever spend any time inside your home.  Take care of the lawn, put away children’s yard toys, fix the fence, and by all means get that beater car down off those cinder blocks and off your driveway!
  4. Clean your windows.  All home buyers prefer more natural lighting.  Make sure windows sparkle so buyers can discover all the wonderful features and benefits that make your home special.